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Color tips

Suggestions and tips on what to visit and explore on and around Lake Garda.

Some tips...

Visit the monastery of San Giorgio of the Camaldolese Benedictine monks on the Rock between Bardolino and Garda
Travel to Sirmione by ferry from the harbour of Bardolino and do not miss the Catullo Caves
Have a drink in Punta San Vigilio and go for a swim at the beach of Parco Baia delle Sirene
On a nice day, take the Baldo Cableway in Malcesine to enjoy a splendid panorama
Go across Mount Baldo by car, going up from Caprino through Spiazzi and coming down from Mori
Visit the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Corona perched on the rocks of Mount Baldo
Reach the summit of Mount Baldo by taking the Prada -Costabella cableway and chair lift 
Go across Lake Garda by Car and Ferry (Torri - Maderno or Malcesine -Limone)
Visit the Lessini Mountains going up from Peri di Dolcé - Fosse di Anna  and going down from Valpolicella
Visit the Island of Garda, the jewel of Lake Garda, also called Isola Borghese 
If you love biking, the bicycle route along the Mincio River in the Mincio Park ist a must
Visit the village “Borghetto sul Mincio” with its still working watermills
Go up to Gargnano and discover theValvestino and the haylofts of Cima Rest
Discover Mantova and its lakes, in the month of June with splendid lotus flowers
Visit the small city of Sabbioneta, Renaissance jewel and part of UNESCO heritage
In Limone sul Garda visit the only lemon-house that is still active called “limonaia del castel
Discover Valpolicella and its wines by stopping in the numerous cellars.
The castle of Soave and the street of Soave with its renowned white wines
The hills of Custoza, theatre of the famous battle, nowadays filled with splendid vineyards,
where the Custoza wine is made
Check out the rice road in the area to the south of Verona, stop by the consortium of the vialone nano rice from Verona for some shopping.
Visit Bagolino located in the mountains of Brescia and buy the famous bagoss cheese, which is a true connoisseur’s delight
For trekking lovers, do not miss the paths of Mount Baldo, Mount Carega and of the Lessini Mountains
Do not miss out on the beautiful panorama in Tremosine, one of the most beautiful villages of Italy