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The Chef tells us about his Gourmet 2020.

Interview with Chef Fabio Cordella of the Michelin Restaurant "La Veranda del Color"





Chef Fabio, what did  inspire you this year for the new Gourmet menu of "La Veranda Del Color"?

Our customers know it well: I like to experiment. And so this year's new dishes are born from my passion for creating, trying, playing with flavors, combining them and letting them marry or contrast each other. I also remain faithful to my custom of respecting the raw material as much as possible so that each ingredient can reveal its full potential in the dish.  


What do customers appreciate the most of your starred cuisine?

My cuisine is made up of simple tastes and products that come from specific territories. Our Lake Garda offers us tasty elements such as the Gargnano caper, Limone del Garda and extra virgin olive oil. While from my native land, Puglia, and then from the East I draw delicious combinations that conquer with their flavors of exotic lands. What often remains impressed is also the combination of colors in the dish, as in the Scallop with Bagna Cauda and Green Sauce.


Is there a dish you are particularly proud of?

Surely the "Spaghetti alla Chitarra Tutto Pomodoro" give me great satisfaction! The diner is amazed because he does not expect an apparently dry spaghetti to turn out to be an authentic explosion of tomato in the mouth. Furthermore, creating a dish starting from the classic flour volcano is always a little magic. Spaghetto is in fact produced at home with the Italian “guitar” technique. I particularly love preparing off-menu dishes such as “Risotto with Topinambur, Sea Urchins Ice Cream, Lime and Nduja” and “The Crab” that I often include in the Horizon tasting. In the 8 courses of this menu I really have the opportunity to express myself and guide the diner in depth in his Gourmet experience.


I know the desserts are real temptations. Would you like to tell us something about them?

Gladly. I love when dinner ends with moments of amazement and sweetness, and therefore I thought of delicate desserts and others that are more decisive and daring so that they meet the personality of those who choose them. The Yuzu couldn't miss this year either, it was exciting to rethink how to present it in a new way. So I combined it with the intense taste of pistachio, with the exotic and sweet note of pineapple. A more impressive dessert is instead the "Chocolate ... and Smoked Chocolate with Pear Declination" in which the intensity of Mezcal meets the smoky note of chocolate, and then sweetens in contact with pear in its various forms.A deliberately unusual and intriguing combination can be found in the "Bitter Cocoa Puff Pastry", in which the fresh summer scents of lemon and rosemary combine with the custard and enhance the robust flavor of the cocoa variety I have personally selected. 


We are waiting for you to experience live the sensations that Chef Fabio have set aside for us at “La Veranda del Color”!


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