Be Your Color. Be Your Style.
Be Your Color. Be Your Style.
Be Your Color. Be Your Style.

The ColorHotel in Bardolino
on Lake Garda
With its welcoming shades

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At ColorHotel in Bardolino on Lake Garda you will find the luxury, style and design that you expect from a 4 star hotel, but with a little something extra. That something that cannot be touched but is felt and therefore leaves its mark. A feeling of being welcomed that allows you to be yourself whatever colour you are feeling or whatever your mood is. Only by feeling you, can you truly be yourself and feel at home. Only in this way can you be sure that you are not missing out on anything.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

The surprise of an unexpected gift, the emotional look in the eyes of your beloved… What’s worth more?

Discover “My Valentine”!

Limited Edition: For sale from 10th to 14th February 2018 ONLY!!!


Our philosophy is expressed by celebrating all your colours and all your moods.



Come and discover all your senses here.


Rooms & Suites

You only have to choose which colour closely matches your colour and style.


Swimming Pools

At the ColorHotel 1000 sq m of pools are waiting for you, there is one to suit your mood whatever the time of day and for all ways of being.



For us a dish is perfect only when it is able to surprise you!


Color Breakfast

Have you ever noticed how your breakfast can influence your mood?


Be - Well

Wellness is a word that can have a thousand meanings. At ColorHotel in Bardolino, it has only one: finding yourself.


Sense Awakening

What's good about travelling? The experiences and surprises that are experienced along the journey.


Color Expression

What is the best gift we can give ourselves? Allowing ourselves to express our feelings freely.


Be Color
Emotions, People, Services & Spaces

The ColorHotel is slowly evolving the way it welcomes guests so as to leave more space for your colour, your style and your way of being unique. This is because we think that the best way to welcome guests is to make them feel accepted and sustained in expressing every shade of their mood. For this reason we have coined a new slogan: ColorHotel. Be Your Color, Be Your Style.



Wedding reception in Bardolino

The ColorHotel is the perfect place for a wedding reception on Lake Garda.


Live Lake Garda

Lake Garda and its territory represent the most complete gym if you love active sports holidays, whether you want to do it in a relaxing way or in a competitive manner.


Your Holiday
With your colour and your style

Improve your experience
Choose the period of stay

Holidays should be, above all, the moment that you can be who you are without exceptions. The you which is often locked in specific roles. At the ColorHotel in Bardolino on Lake Garda, we offer a holiday tailor made to your needs and your desires. For us this is the only way to call a holiday. Because, if it doesn't contain the shades of your emotions, what kind of holiday is it?

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Earlier is Better! = 15 % discount

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via S. Cristina, 5
37011 Bardolino
Lago di Garda (Verona)

T +39 045 6210857
F +39 045 6212697

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