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Holistic Masseuse

"People come to me for the icing on the cake of a wonderful holiday: the ColorMassage, a holistic massage which is a favourite with customers!"

The art of massage

Publication datePublication date: Tuesday 5 October 2021  Reading time Reading time: 3 minutes

Since time immemorial, the human race has sought ways to reduce tiredness, relieve pain, relax and satisfy its need for contact.

Massage is one of the most natural and instinctive pursuits, bringing with it physical and emotional benefits: as well as helping physical pain, it improves our mental wellbeing.

The practice of massage goes back hundreds of years: in fact, initial references to it can be found in Chinese manuscripts dating back to 2700 BC! Over the years, massage has had a remarkable influence on traditional medicine in the East, in India, but also in Egypt and Greece and throughout the world.

ColorMassage at the ColorHotel

Keep up your energy levels

Modern scientific research today has recognised massage as a helpful therapy for providing relief, comfort and as a possible way of easing pain. Massage is a form of wellbeing, an activity which presents an opportunity to take heed of your body’s needs. There are so many benefits to massage, both direct and indirect:

  • It eases the repair of our body’s tissues, improving oxygenation thanks to the repetitive exfoliation and motion over the skin;
  • Improves muscle respiration and the body’s microcirculation;
  • Nurtures relaxation;
  • Eases pain, thanks to the involuntary stimulation of the body’s receptors and the production of endorphins, our ‘wellbeing’ hormones. Applying different levels of pressure, and the nature of the area to be treated, both affect the style of massage (deep when treating specific muscles, gentler when aiming primarily for a state of relaxation).

Whether you give or receive a massage, you become aware that we possess an inner energy that can be stimulated or re-awakened. An energy that helps you feel at one with your body and reconnects you with your inner being.


Inherent to the practice of massage is an admirable code of values: respect, care, attention and trust. Massage is both an indulgence and a beauty treatment, but what elevates it to another plane is its ability to teach us about prevention, wellbeing and self-esteem.

In many cultures, hands-on treatments are seen as a cure for many ills, such as inflammatory conditions and muscular and joint pains, and a way of re-establishing a physiological balance and vitality.

The ColorHotel’s Blu Massage

The ColorHotel offers a variety of massages, each one dedicated to a specific color and physical objective: today we want to introduce you to the Blu Massage.

The Blu massage focusses on the scalp, neck, shoulders, arm and back. Its aim is complete relaxation: it’s the perfect treatment if you want a gentle massage which relaxes the body and reduces upper body and back tension.

Come and try it!

Blu Massage at ColorHotel

Let yourself be pampered by a ColorMassage

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