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The legendary San Lorenzo celebrations: a night of falling stars

Publication datePublication date: Saturday 30 July 2022  Reading time Reading time: 3 minutes

The night of August 10th is all about gazing at shooting stars and seizing the occasion to make a wish with each one that falls. From the hills to the coast, people turn their gaze skywards to catch a glimpse of a star that tumbles down into a snatched moment of joy and hope.


Falling stars or Perseid meteor showers?

In fact, our definition of a shooting star is not completely accurate: stars don’t fall. What we see are actually meteors. The explanation for the appearance of these light trails in the terrestrial sky in mid-August is that this is the time when Earth passes through the Perseid meteor shower, left over from the Swift – Tuttle comet discovered in 1862.

August 10th is symbolic: in fact the Perseids can be seen several days before and after this date, but as a way of cementing the stargazing tradition, it was linked to the day on which San Lorenzo and his martyrdom are remembered in the Christian calendar.

Legend has it that the Saint was burnt alive on the gridiron and the shooting stars represent the tears shed by the martyr during his torture. But even though we know the scientific origins of the shooting stars, numerous stories exist which link the stars to the themes of love and desire.

Why make a wish

One of the first interpretations goes back to the days of Julius Caesar, who, in the Gallic Wars, refers to those soldiers who had to remain awake and on guard after a battle, as ‘Desiderantes’. Thanks to the light produce by the stars (hence their name), they would have been able to see their wounded comrades and therefore be in a position to run to their rescue and help them reach the camp where they were treated. Filled with hope, the soldiers on guard watched and desired, or longed for, the return of their comrades.

A second interpretation casts the sailors as the protagonists. These were another group of ‘desideratori’ who, in the past, watched the stars in order to navigate the sea. The sailors would raise their eyes skywards to the stars while in their hearts, they would harbour the desire for a safe passage home, and once again embrace their families and see the places they had left behind.

And lastly, a final theory: that destiny is written in the stars. It was thought that destiny vanished when a star fell to earth and so during the brief passage of one night, every one of us had the chance to create our own future. This is why when someone sees a shooting star, they can make a wish for the future in the hope that, as the star tumbles, they can change their destiny and make a dream come true.

Make a wish

Whichever explanation you believe in, we’re sure that you too have wishes just waiting to come true.

At the ColorHotel, we have organised a ‘1000 and one night’, on August 10th, the night of the San Lorenzo celebrations. You will find throws, loungers and background music on the top floor terrace, where, without artificial lighting, you too can reach out for shooting stars, relax and think about your own future dreams.

It will be a magical evening, with space for dreams of all sizes.


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