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Fabio, Executive Chef “La Veranda del Color”


Executive Chef “La Veranda del Color”

“When I'm in the kitchen, every single dish is important, and the team is key. Together, we give our absolute best to provide the customer with an amazing experience to remember.”

A colorful Gourmet recipe for your summer

Publication datePublication date: Wednesday 27 May 2020  Reading time Reading time: 1 minutes

Directly from the starred restaurant "La Veranda del Color" in Bardolino, Chef Fabio Cordella gives us a recipe of simple realization but of great effect thanks to the colors of the summer and precious ingredients such as white asparagus and quail eggs.

Quail Eggs, White Asparagus and Crumble at Chef Fabio Cordella Pecorino Pecorino


4 white asparagus

4 quail eggs

230 g flour 00

1 whole egg

70 g grated pecorino cheese

150 g of butter

100 g red and yellow datterino tomato

30 g white vinegar

2 slices of raw ham



salt and pepper

Let's begin!

Prepare the crumble dough by mixing the ingredients flour, egg, pecorino cheese and butter together.
Cook it in the oven at 170 for 15 minutes meanwhile put raw ham in the oven, too,  to make it crispy.

Clean the asparagus and cook them for 8 minutes in water and lemon. You can then cut the final part of the asparagus and blend it with the help of oil to create a soft cream.
The remaining asparagus must be browned in a pan with some butter.

In another pot cook quail eggs in water and white vinegar for one minute and 30 seconds. To have drowned eggs break the shell,  create a vortex in the water with a whisk and pour in the eggs one by one.

After washing  the tomatoes, cut and seal them with oil, salt, oregano and basil.

Let's prepare the composition: cut the asparagus and place them on the plate, sprinkle them with crumble, lay the tomatoes here and there and put quail eggs on it.
With the cream create little dollops and add the crispy raw ham.

Enjoy your cooking!

Chef Fabio Cordella

by "La Veranda del Color", 1 Michelin star

Via S. Cristina, 5

Bardolino, Verona

Lago di Garda

Cook with the Chef of "La Veranda del Color", starred restaurant in Bardolino

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