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“I am a lending hand. I make sure that customers get all the attention they need and fully enjoy their holiday.”

All the Colors of Being a Woman

Publication datePublication date: Friday 25 February 2022  Reading time Reading time: 6 minutes

Each year, the 8th of March is International Women’s Day.

There are those who see this as an important historical celebration and others who prefer to celebrate their womanhood all year around. There are others who are still not sure what to think, preferring to celebrate with just an affectionate hug and a smile.

At the ColorHotel, we decided that the best way to celebrate this day is to hear from the women in our team. They have shared their experiences with us, both at the ColorHotel and elsewhere, and told us of the challenges they faced and the women that they most admire.

On the topic of finding space in the world of business, Federica, our Guest Experience Manager, told us about a big step for her – moving to another country – and all the difficulties that she faced that made her stronger.

“My greatest professional challenge was when I took the plunge and moved abroad, travelling a lot around developing countries and having to find a job and a place to live, all on my own. It wasn’t easy, but it was an important test filled with experiences that have helped me grow and become what I am today.”


Michela, our Administration Manager, found her greatest challenge at the ColorHotel itself, because the changes can be scary but often enriching.

“In the years before coming to the ColorHotel, I worked at an accounting firm, and even though I stuck to the administration side of things, the work was very different. When I arrived at the ColorHotel, my role had not existed before, and so I had to create my own role from scratch.”


And for every new role, there are a hundred of them that we can take as a point of reference. Giovanna, our Front Office Manager, even managed to meet Aung San Suu Kyi.

“I have visited her wonderful country, Myanmar, which was oppressed by a tough military dictatorship. She was an extraordinary leader, who was an advocate of non-violence and winner of the 1991 Noble Peace Prize. I admire her because she is a tenacious and courageous woman who has always fought for democracy and civil rights in her country. Even though this meant suffering humiliation, separation from her family and various arrests, she never resorted to violence or succumbed to the arrogance of power, always staying close to her people and earning their love. Her example shows us the values of liberty and human dignity.”


For Maura, our Housekeeping Manager, the women that most inspired her are those that she knew personally and more deeply.

“In my private life, the woman that I most admire is my mother, because of the energy she has shown in her life choices and the fact that she never gives up, despite the challenges. She is a very determined woman!

In my professional life, the woman that I have most admired was the sister of Signor Claudio (Claudio Manetti, manager at the ColorHotel), a dynamic, positive, tenacious and innovative woman who was always curious. She showed me that, if you have belief, life will give you what you wish for.”

Today, the idea of the ‘perfect woman’ no longer exists. Instead, we are moving ever closer towards individual and mutual acceptance – our differences define us. Whether we are tall or short, delicate or strong, scientist or psychologist, the choices that we make should be about bringing out the woman that we want to be.


Laura, our Personal Trainer, tells us how sensitivity is an important part of her work, and indeed, what she does helps her to better express this side of her personality.

“My work allows me to take care of both my physical well-being and other people’s health. This is something that I really enjoy, and it allows me to best express my abilities and often my feminine sensitivity.”


For our pastry chef, Teresa, working at the ColorHotel has helped her to grow both professionally and personally, particularly in her relationships with others. “This is a business that invests a lot in its staff and helps them to express and develop the abilities that even they didn’t know they had. All this has helped me to gain confidence and move closer towards the person that I want to be.”

At the ColorHotel, we aim to make enough space for people to express their individuality and shine a light each person’s best qualities.

Gloria, our Marketing Manager tell us, “When I was offered the chance to work in marketing at the ColorHotel, I realised that I was finally achieving one of the objectives that I had set myself! Taking everything that I had studied and absorbed and putting it into practice in the tourism industry. For me, it’s the most wonderful sector to work in! I can express my thoughts and creativity and each day is a new surprise with new projects and ideas to develop.”


Alessandra, our holistic masseuse, tells us about one of her most rewarding moments at the ColorHotel: “I have the good fortune to do a job that continuously gives me a sense of satisfaction, but if I had to choose one moment in particular, it would be the time that a customer took my hands, looked me straight in the eyes and thanked me for the sense of peace and serenity that I had given her during that hour of massage. Every job has a sense of satisfaction, but for me, the peace and comfort that I can transmit to others are the reasons I love my work.”


The truth is that there is no single way to be a woman, just like there is no single color that represents women (although it is often assumed to be pink). Therefore, our hope for all women is that they choose what you want to be, independent and confident enough to be as unique as you feel. Always follow your aspirations, don't let yourself be confused by those who want to box you into conventional roles or tell you that you have to be this or that. Let your colors shine brightly.

To all women out there, put yourself to the test, live your life, anything is possible!


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