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Color Hotel Bardolino
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What the Chef says... Linguine with scent of Italy!

Aromas and flavours of the Mediterranean kitchen in Bardolino... with a Michelin Star!

It was not easy to let Fabio Cordella, Chef of La Veranda del Color, reveal which is his favourite dish … In fact, he immagined and created each and every plate to be the better of the menu and it would be hard to pick just one!

After thinking about it a little bit, he confessed that if he could sit at a table of La Veranda del Color, gourmet restaurant in Bardolino awarded with one star of Michelin Guide since 2017, he would order Durum wheat Linguine Pasta with Mantis Shrimp Essence, Spider Crab and Turnip Tops perfumed with Trombolotto Oil. This is a food that comes from ingredients which have a special value for Chef Fabio since they tell moments of his life…

The typically Apulian turnip tops stand for his homeland and fully represents him (with much affection from his side).  Almost for fun then, he combined them with an intense ingredient that has the smell of the Mediterranean Sea and carries memories of citrus fruits and lightheartedness… We are talking about trombolotto oil: a special dressing originating from Sermoneta, not far from Rome, made of the ancient tronbolotto lemon, olive oil and aromatic herbs.

Fabio feels lucky to have come across it  About this oil and its incredible aroma says fondly: “I will always take it with me”. It really was a precius discovery thanks to Chef Enzo Ninivaggi and Fabio can’t do without anymore.

The spider crab deserves a short history on its own too: Chef Fabio got to know it during his first trip when we was working for 2 years in a restaurant of fresh fish in Chioggia, next to Venice. There he got so passionate about this kind of shellfish that he spent much of his free time to cook it for himself. It required hard work but was a huge satisfaction!

That’s the story how one of the gourmet dishes of La Veranda del Color is born and how it succeeds to bring the flavours of Italy on the table

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Bardolino with a new gourmet menu!

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